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Sabrina M. Jones, B.S., M.A.

Drawing on my background in Community and Human Services, most of my professional experiences has been in Community Relations, Case Management, Mentoring, and Advocacy. From this experience, my focused began to shift to the realms of Social and Public Policy because I wanted to be on the preventive end of servicing, as opposed to the corrective. I began exploring and analyzing American social policies that effect the institution of family and how public policies can be reformed in the areas of education and welfare for under-served populations, which lead me to a second career, teaching. As a New York City teacher my goal is to bridge the academic gap by being a caring, relentless, determined, and trustworthy teacher; to give my students the power to confront their reality, while having faith that they will survive their current life truths and meeting their individual potential by means of discipline and commitment; thus, resulting in GREATNESS

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