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Khadijah Hall

Hello my name is Khadijah Hall. I am a Brooklyn Resident and Native NY’er. I have been employed with FDNY EMS for 30 years. I have been working in the Fire Commissioners Office for the past 5 years, recently being the Fire Commissioner’s Liaison. Some people ask "girl why are you still there? Well let me tell you why, I love what I do! I can count on one hand the bad days that I have had. I love helping people so much that even off duty I will come to your rescue as I have in the past for a NYC Police Officer who was injured in the line of duty, sustaining life threatening injuries. I have been awarded the highest honor bestowed from NYPD to a civilian and from some of their Infinity Organizations. I’ve received the highest medals bestowed from FD to EMS. My goals are always making sure that if I’m involved in a project, I’d like to see it through. In my spare time I love reading, photography, flying my drone and filling up my passport.

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