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Elmo James

Elmo James is a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. His love for drum corps started when he was in elementary school, where he discovered what drum corps was at the Boys Club in the Fort Green section of Brooklyn. That group, the Privateers, was popular at a time when the Inner City Corps could be found throughout New York City. Elmo's next encounter with drum corps occurred at the Brooklyn Day Parade, where he saw the Wynn Center Toppers Drum and Bugle Corps. He joined the group at the age of 14, and he also played in his junior high concert band. After graduating from high school, Elmo attended ATS Broadcasting Technical School in New York City. He then began traveling throughout the U.S. and the Virgin Islands as an on-air personality. Elmo was nominated for Billboard Radio Personality of the Year, and he also received the prestigious Marconi Award for radio excellence. Elmo's passion for drum corps continued, which led him to establish the Chattanooga Drum and Bugle Corps Association, of which he was board president. The group secured funding from various foundations. Federal funds were obtained from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and from the Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) Community Foundation. Private donors also contributed to the organization. With family and friends still living in the New York area, Elmo is a frequent visitor to the city. Elmo is married to Gene H. James and has six children: London Reginald, Chantel, Devin, Savannah, Kendra and Jordan . His hobbies include operating his internet radio station and taking care of his Doberman Achilles. The Scenic City Drum Corps was awarded the Best Of The Best Practice Award from The Department Of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary In Washington D.C. for program development in the inner cities and the model was given to other programs across the United States as a template to follow. Scenic City highest ranking was placing 10th in the world out of 28 corps competing in the Division 2/3 DCI Championships in Madison, Wisconsin      

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