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Victor English

Victor English was educated in the New York City public school system in Brooklyn, N.Y. For more than fifty years, he has participated in drum corps activities. Victor is the former director of Brooklyn's Wynn Center Toppers Junior Drum & Bugle Corps and a former youth sports coach. He is a former pest control business owner and a community service officer. Victor is also a retired pipe welder, who comes from a beautiful family full of hope. Victor looks forward to continuing his quest to protect and uplift our youth through music. He is committed to instilling leadership skills, discipline, career training and camaraderie amongst young people. The drum and bugle corps programs that originated in inner cities across the U.S. are not what they once were. But with passion, drive, and love, Victor is determined to bring this activity back into the lives of today's young people because he believes they deserve the opportunity to have this inspiring experience.        

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