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Robert William Winslow

Robert "Rhythm" Winslow was born on the 10th of July in the state of Brooklyn, New York. His love of music began with listening9 to the radio and the albums of his father Herman Winslow) who was a musical fanatic. He had a great collection of recordings varied musical genre. From the beginning, Bobby was a student of Jazz. He also enjoys listening to the music

of Quincy Jones and many other Jazz artists. One of his best friends was Mr. Maurice "Reesey" Holland who was a soloist in the Minisink Warriors and a member of the Pen & Scroll Military Fraternity. These two spent many nights listening to Jazz until the we hours of the morning. His friendship served to increase Bob's love for music where this affection would grow to serve many others throughout the tri-state area in years to come. Bobby Winslow's connection to the Warriors Drum and Bugle Corps began with Billy
Borden (one of the first drill instructors of the corps) who asked Bobby to come on board and teach drumming. Robert is also a member of the P&S Military Fraternity. He was one of the first board members selected.
Robert Winslow is a champion individual snare drummer. He won three gold medals when marching with the Privateers. When he moved on to the Skyliner's senior corps he also won three Gold medals, one over the well known Billy Cobham who placed second. 

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Robert's rhythms were based on his wisdom. He studied at the Jazz Mobile while taking
classes at the City College of New York. His Drum Corps education began with the
Privateers form 1961 to 1963, Our Lady of Loretto Knights from 1963 to 1964, and the
New York Skyliners from 1964 to 1966. This education helped to build a kind, smart,
confident and calm instructor.
The list of corps that he taught is highly revered and exemplary: 
Minisink, C.M.c.C.and New York Warriors, 1964 to 1975 
Poughkeepsle Vagabonds (NYS), 1969 to 1972 
The Riversiders (Brooklyn), 1965 to 1969 
Police Athletic League Travelers (Manhattan), 1966 to 1970 
Long Island Sunrisers, 1970 and 1971 
Restoration Flyers (Bedford Stuyvesant, Brookyn), 1972 to 1974 
New York City Housing Authority Vanguards, 1976 to 1978 
wynn Center Toppers Brooklyn), 1993 to 2000
Robert Winslow is aso a member of the All American Judges Association (1968 to 1974) 
What bothers Robert william Winslow the most is that we do not have an African Aimerican Drum and Bugle Corps in New York City. 
Presently, Bobby is retired from the Housing Preservation and Development as a Housing Inspector. Robert has dedicated the honor being presented to his mentors who have Inspired his 
achievements: Edward"Pop" Seward (Director of the Privateers),
George Brown (Director of the Travelers and the Manhattanaires), Joe Tucker (Chief Judge
of the All Amerlcan Judges Assodiation), and James "Poppa D" Dxon (First Director of the
Warriors and Quartermaster Emerltus of the CMCC Warriors Drum and Bugle Corps).

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