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Jessica Rodriguez

I am a Brooklyn native from ENY/Cypress Hill. I started in community service at the tender age of 12 by volunteering with the Cypress Hill Local Development Corporation’s Inter generational Services Program (IGS), a non for-profit organization. This organization provided the foundation I needed to learn the value of giving back, advocating against injustice and creating change. My experience includes working in a community learning center providing recreational and educational classes to both youth and adults. I also worked in college counseling center which gave me the opportunity to work and establish relationships with community-based organizations, community members, local middle and high school counselors as well with college admissions and financial aid advisors. Having worked with disadvantaged inner-city first generation youths in obtaining their collegiate dreams is something that I am still passionate about. For me, every child matters and deserves a fair opportunity to succeed. We as a community, must continue to educate our youths on the importance of having a positive purpose and striving for excellence as hard work and perseverance build character just like the organization NY Metropolis Group Inc. that I am so  proud to be a member of the board. It brings me great joy and pride when I can play a small role in helping others achieve success.

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